Thursday, October 13, 2005

Whoops!! Whose been at it again???

Hello, who ever thought Christains were boring need to visit Mattersey Bible college!!!! This fountain has a history of practical jokes...first someone put washing up liquid in it, then someone broke the top off the fountain while practising for a drama they were filming...whoops...the things people do when they live out in the country!!! I have to admit when I saw this fountain all bubbled up this time I thought someone has done it again!..but it wasn't just the way you have to clean it apparently..phew!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September 2005

Hi and how are you?, well as promised it's back and just as exciting as always. I have had a great summer and had lots of fun although one of the highlights was visiting ette and spending a couple of days with her. baker, gregory, holloway and bailey flew out to, kroper and adams and farr flew out to america and mccandless to ireland, was it me or was all my friends just trying to get out of the country.
well i've started work now and on our first day our boss gave us an exciting encouraging word which i'd like to steal, so here it is:
The word was based on Joshua 1 'and moses my servent is dead,'. My boss said that moving on involved 4 things
1. Anticipation - this is our time, this is our generation
2. Seperation - the way things have been done before needed to be changed
3. Adaptation - Adapt to the new way of things - i'm no longer at Bible college
4. Participation - we all have a part to play
ASAP -As Soon As Possible; this is God's new thoing we're going a different way.
As you know i'm not one whom likes change however as it's going tohappen i thank God that i have such a wonderful group of friends whom are so supportive and loving it's unbelievable. Praise God for all his wonderful gifts. I'm excited about next year and think it's going to be hard work but also amazing,
love me

Sunday, May 29, 2005

June 2005

Hey guys,
how was the last month for you? Exciting. It has been a rollercoster of a month for me. On Firday i officially finished my B.A. course, however my last hour was not a great one. I had an exam. History of Revival. Agghh!!! In my last exam i could not answer any of the questions - i had revised all the wrong stuff. i did a page of work and then three quarters of the page did not answer the question. What's more i had a quote and instread of saying "infaliable pope and infaliable Bible", i said "inflammable pope and inflammable Bible". You see i now want to cry. However it's nothing to worry about i passed the module and am virtually guaranteed a 2.2. People at college have started a 'book' to see what remark i got. The optimistic Kroper said i'd get twenty five, Hazell said i'd got 10. I'm hoping for a zero.
The fact that the exam was a bad one was not something to get upset about as in the bigger picture of life i have lots to thank God for. I had an excellent week revising. I even helped Baker with some of her Greek (i actually think i would have enjoyed the Greek exam better than the History exam).
The thing that i will miss most about the college is the community that i live with. I'll especially miss the people whom i have come to regard as family. However my journey is not going to end as in September i venture forward to start work within a church. And i'll be working with Miss Gregory and Miss Baker. I once had a word spoken over my life. I was feeling very low and was looking at the guys i hang around with and i was thinking that i when we leave college i will be all alone again. Then a fellow student approached me and said "God wants me to tell you that you won't leave this place alone." I then forgot about it as it was a year ago. Then this week when i was studying with Baker and Moll... i suddenly remembered that God has ordained my future and his words were right. I'm not leaving on my own. I'm going to be with Baker and Gregory, Molineaux isn't going to be working that far from us and Ruddle, Gidney and Ette will still be at college which is going to be connected to my church.
Yesterday as we were playing croquet, Baker winning (depressing the loosing Dibbens) sang "God is good all the time," and you know what - God is good all the time, even when we cannot always see it. Sometimes we pray and pray and pray and nothing ever happens, you see answers to prayers concerning others when you pray but you yourself seen nothing. You become disheartened and complain to God.
This reminds me of the biblical story of Elijah, whom virtually commited suicide by running into the desert to die, half way into the desert he collapesed and fell to sleep. God then sent him an angel and told him to eat and drink which Elijah did, then he fell asleep again and God sent another angel with more food. Now the second meal was for the mission God had for Elijah while the first was for him himself. God took care of his needs first.
God is taking care of our needs if only we'll let him.

ps. as i am leaving college at the end of this month i am unsure of my internet availability but i will get back to blogging as soon as i can.

Monday, April 18, 2005

May 2005

As usual i was outside Jet's room (well Jet is more fun than a 3500 word essay on Missions) and we were chatting and she told me how "Aero" had bought her a nice piece of jewerey and she loved this bracelet. One night they went to the Cinema and without knowing it fell off. At the end of the movie she got up and as she was leaving she looked down and saw it on the floor. Jet would have been devestated if she had lost it as it meant so much to her.
Alos i was playing a practical joke on "Jen #4" and because i stole her phone i got concerned that she might get something out of my room, however so i locked my door and put my key in my pocket. 2 hours later i went back and found the door locked. I assumed that "Glen" had locked it (as i played a practical joke on him earlier in the week, which saw him get soacked and have cake pushed into his face) so thinking it would be too much hassle to go and find him I got "Mbali" to inlock it for me and then i remembered that i had locked it and the key was in my coat (how embarrasing). I had lost the key due to stupidity and neglect.
We read a story in the Bible about a lost sheep (Matthew 18:10-20), the story tells us that the Shepherd went out looking for that sheep to bring it home. Our shepherd Jesus is looking for us. All we need to do is be willing to be found.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

APRIL 2005

Welcome to Koinonia2, this site is aimed so that I can share my life with you. As i come closer to the end of Mattersey i realise how my life is about to change dramatically. I was at Lucy's house earlier and we were discussing how when we first met that none of us were studying and how everything was different. It got me thinking that there has been so many people in my life that has come and gone and some that i've lost contact with and wish i had not so here is a fantastic way to keep in contact. I hope to use this site as a sort of diary and let you all know how my life is going.
However at the moment it is rather dull. I have about 7 weeks left at college before i graduate, then we have some exciting stuff but i'm going to keep that under my hat a little first. A couple of weeks ago i went to Helen and Adam's house for a week and worked with Gregory's parents working with the street girls. Please pray for Mr and Mrs Gregory as they work so hard at this ministry.
Oh well got to go now. Bye